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Seattle Restaurant Week— The Georgian

Seattle Restaurant Week is pretty much the greatest thing ever. We have gotten to try some of the nicer restaurants we've been wanting to try around Seattle for pretty reasonable prices. You can get a three-course dinner for $28 ($15 for lunch), which I know Dustin loves because I normally get full too fast to eat a three-course meal.

We are planning on trying three new restaurants on Seattle Restaurant Adventure Tour. First up— The Georgian.

This fall's restaurant week happens to coincide with our anniversary, so we took that as an excuse to try one of the fanciest restaurants. We had a really great experience at The Georgian. The restaurant is located inside the ritzy Fairmont Olympic Hotel, and the ambiance is incredibly romantic. The restaurant felt more like a dimly lit ballroom with ornate chandeliers and elegantly decorated floor length windows. The cuisine is described as Northwest-inspired French, and the restaurant is a AAA 4 Diamond restaurant. Not too shabby for our date.

Before our meal the kitchen sent out a mini-dish of goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, and nuts followed by freshly baked bread with a quad of creamy butters—one was simple sweet cream, another was infused with saffron, another with balsamic vinegar, and my favorite was basil infused. For my first course I had a pumpkin bisque that was just my cup of tea, and Dustin had a jazzed up Caesar salad that he said was the best he had ever tried.

My second course was seared scallops (probably my favorite seafood) with a side of potatoes that tasted like German Fried Potatoes covered in a bacon butter sauce. While the scallops might not have the best I'd ever had (the simply prepared scallops I had from DaMarco's in Houston were a tinier bit tastier), they were absolutely delicious. Dustin got a dish of chicken wrapped in chorizo, which really surprised me since I've never seen Dustin order a chicken entree at a restaurant like that. His side dish was served with an incredibly flavorful red-wine risotto that I really enjoyed.

For dessert Dustin had some sort of apple tart with a cinnamon sorbet that was reminiscent of a fancy apple pie. It was a nice dessert that wasn't too sweet or rich. My dessert on the other hand was incredibly rich and indulgent— caramel fleur de sel beignets drenched in spiced Mexican hot chocolate with a raspberry sorbet on the side. Eating that chocolate was sinful and delicious, but I think my favorite part might have been the ridiculously flavorful sorbet. Trust me—I'm never the type to order the ice cream or sorbet from a dessert menu over cakes and such, but this sorbet was awesome.

We really enjoyed our meal at The Georgian. It wasn't the best food we've ever had, but it was solidly delicious, and the ambiance of the restaurant was fabulously romantic. We probably won't be going back there outside of Restaurant Week given the price, but for what we paid, it was a great deal and the perfect anniversary dinner.