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Whole Wheat Coconut Waffles

The coconut pancakes, perfectly light and fluffy, from the Hobbit Cafe in Houston that we discovered shortly before moving are the Houston brunch food I miss the most. I used to despise coconut, but we ate this amazing coconut cream pie the night we got engaged and ever since then, for some reason I really enjoy the flavor of coconut. Who knew that's all it took to change my tastes?

But seriously, these waffles had the best texture of any waffle I've ever made and are pretty healthy with the modifications that we made. They definitely satisfied my Hobbit Cafe coconut for breakfast craving.

We followed this recipe with a few modifications— whole wheat flour, reduced fat shredded coconut, skim milk, and Earth Balance instead of butter. The waffles aren't overly sweet and taste great topped with extra shredded coconut and maple syrup. It was the perfect quick and easy (slightly indulgent) weekday breakfast!

I don't think I'll ever go back to premade waffle mix. Making your own is really just as simple, and I feel so much better about what I am putting into my body. Next time I think I'll try making these waffles with coconut flour and coconut milk for the ultimate coconut breakfast treat!