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Pistachio Crusted Fish with Yogurt Feta Dip

Erin's been cooking a lot. A lot! But this meal of all the meals probably shows just how good she's gotten. An important step in improving your skills as a chef is try your own thing. Lots of times, you should follow the recipe and learn, but sometimes you just need to wing it and go on a hunch. Erin went on a hunch, and the meal came together perfectly, beyond both of our expectations. Erin had seen a recipe awhile back for pistachio crusted fish. Finally, we got around to actually cooking it, and she imagined, all on her own, that the perfect addition to the fish would be a yogurt feta dip.

To get the fish prepared, set out three bowls, one for flour, one with an egg or two, scrambled, and one with a combination of bread crumbs and pistachios. You need to break the pistachios up into small pieces, and we did so by busting out our muddler. Coat the fish in flour, then egg, then pistachio breadcrumbs, and then into a skillet with hot grape seed oil.

We cooked up stir-fried asparagus, too.

And to make the perfect pairing— yogurt feta dip— combine the juice of half a lemon, 1 cup of plain yogurt, crumbled feta to taste, and a hefty handful of oregano. This fish was meant for that sauce.