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Rosemary and Chèvre Risotto

Dustin isn't a mushroom guy, but I love them and would put them on just about every dinner I make! So when I promise to make him something delicious, even if it has mushrooms like this risotto from Creative Culinary, he'll eat them for me. What a good guy I found.

I've wanted to try to risotto for awhile, and I really wanted to find a recipe that incorporated the rich and creamy flavor of goat cheese (or chèvre since that sounds cooler) into the risotto. I set out on a search and the combination of goat cheese, fresh rosemary, and mushrooms jumped out at me almost instantly. I had to make it.

Risotto is totally my kind of dish, creamy and delicious. Between my love for gnocchi and risotto, I think I should have been born Italian.

It really wasn't hard to make, only time consuming having to stir constantly for around 45 minutes. But I actually found the stirring to be relaxing in a strange way. And knowing I would soon be eating cheesy risotto without leaving my house was definitely also a driving motivational factor!