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Coconut Chicken Vindaloo Tacos

Before Dustin and I really started experimenting with our food, we made the same six or seven dishes over and over again. Pretty much every week we made some sort of chicken taco dish, one of our favorites. One version was a sour cream chicken taco where we'd finish cooking the chunks of chicken in some sour cream. It had been way too long since we had made tacos, but we really wanted to try something new.

Today's tacos were Indian seasoned (with vindaloo spice) tacos inspired by our old sour cream tacos but instead of using sour cream we used coconut milk.

We put the creamy chunks of chicken on a tortilla with sliced onion, cilantro and grated mozarella for a fun Indian twist on traditional chicken tacos.

There's no way we are getting back into our food rut!