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Greeña Colada

We are officially back from Jamaica, and back to real life after wedding festivities in Texas, a mini break in Washington,  and our honeymoon in Jamaica. Everything about the wedding was such a blur, it seems as though it didn't really happen. But indeed now we are married, which is pretty cool to say. We were told we would feel different, but so far it all feels the same, maybe a little happier, and more use of the words husband and wife :)

In honor of our trip to Jamaica, you should drink the fruity concoction we created. It all started when we were trying to figure out what to do with approximately 1/2 cup of fresh, cubed pineapple leftover from another meal. We decided to blend them into a drink. What better to blend with pineapples than a shot of Malibu coconut rum and a shot of Midori Melon liquor?

Once we blended everything together we added some sweetened, flaked coconut and garnished with pineapple. When we began drinking our fruity mixture, we realized we had unintentionally created a green, melon-infused, piña colada that went down way too easily. All of a sudden the name greeña colada rolled out of my mouth, and the name stuck. We'll definitely be busting this recipe out this summer for a nice cool down and reminder of how much we enjoyed our tropical post-wedding escape!