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Caprese Paninis

Enormous juicy tomatoes from the farmer's market, balsamic onion spread, fresh mozzarella, basil from our garden, topped with a little olive oil and salt, all laid out on crusty bread and placed in the panini press until everything is warm and the cheese is gooey? Yes, please. This might be the best lunch ever. It just tastes like summer with each and every bite.

This sandwich reminds me of our time back at Rice when Dustin and I would meet for lunch at Brochstein Pavilion senior year. Usually, we'd bring our lunches from home, but on some special treat days, we'd splurge and get caprese paninis for lunch. All of the sandwiches were good, but the caprese panini was by the far best. As much as I enjoy being a member of the "adult world," I think a large part of me will always want to be a college student. This sandwich will forever be synonymous with happy days on campus in my mind.