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Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Oh the deep dish pizza. Oh the layer of delicious cheese as thick as an entire "typical" pizza. Sauce on top as God meant it to be.

Here was our first take on this Chicago staple topped with pepperoni and kalamata olives. Erin whipped up a super tasty, chunky tomato sauce that, although isn't quite akin to the sauce of my childhood, brought its own unique texture and taste that really worked amazingly well. We definitely nailed the cheese (except that we could have had more).

As for the crust, it came out reasonably well. No, it didn't have that iconic deep yellow of Gino's, but it tasted damn close. It wasn't near as buttery or flaky as it should have been. We chalk that up to not folding the dough over and over enough, and also skimping out on some of the extra buttering process. But as a first try, I'm very psyched and energized to try this again until we get it to perfection.

We chowed down on many slices of, drank a nice bottle of red wine ,and couldn't stop talking about taking a trip to the mid west.

Look forward to a post (hopefully soon) that details our adventures to the perfect recreation!