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Bachelor Food

As you can tell from all the recent blog posts, I've been cooking up a storm while Erin's been gone :) I'm a bachelor again, and I'll eat like a bachelor.


That means beef. In this case: lots of beef, topping a warm and cheesy quesadilla. Unlike all of Erin's recipes, I don't feel compelled to spell this one out. It's as simple as it sounds. Beef and onions sauteed, served on top of tortillas with cheese.

And here was my other gourmet meal:


Looks familiar huh? What I lack in culinary skills, I make up for in creativity. Even though this is effectively the same thing, it was actually really pretty good. It was raining (like usual), so I didn't want to grill my burger outside. I tossed the salt and pepper coated patty on a very hot skillet with a little oil.


I melted cheddar cheese on top at the end of the cooking time, and then I wrapped my burger up in a warm tortilla with sliced white onion. Its awesome taste proves that the bachelor life is awesome. Really. Really! I mean it. Okay, Erin please come back. Like now.