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Peeps S'mores

Happy Easter (and Passover)!

Today we are celebrating Easter with a fancy brunch and mimosas. Tonight we are celebrating Passover with our Rice friends in Seattle by having a Seder meal. It's also Opening Day for baseball, and we had a busy day running around doing touristy things in Seattle with our friends yesterday before they left town. It's clearly a very busy weekend.


We began the celebration early the night before by making simple Peeps s'mores. They are like regular s'mores except more colorful and sugary. Use a couple of Peeps instead of regular marshmallows on top of graham crackers and chocolate. Then toast as usual.


I personally don't really care too much for Peeps, but I bought them for the sole purpose of making these s'mores because I thought they would be very cute and festive.

Have a great holiday weekend!