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Strawberry & Blueberry Galette

In between all of Erin's traveling, she managed to share her graces with me for a mere twelve hours between flights. She'd had a series of annoying and frustrating travels, so I wanted to give her one comfort of home. Since she got in real late, and was leaving before lunch, that meant I was cooking breakfast!


Knowing Erin's love for sweets, breakfast has to be on the sugary side. I think she was pleased by my choice because I basically served her dessert for breakfast. Galettes are essentially pie. So, Erin got a delicious fruit pie for her breakfast.


The meal actually came together pretty quickly. I followed Food and Wine's recipe for the dough, and it was wonderfully successful. Instead of using apples, I bought the best looking berries at Whole Foods. I sliced up a big pack of strawberries, layered them on top of the dough in a pretty pattern, and then layered a bunch of blueberries over the whole galette. I sprinkled a few spoonfuls of sugar and squeezed a bit of honey over the whole thing.


Finally, you wrap the edges up over the whole thing and pop it in the oven for about an hour. In the end, it was delicious, beautiful, and golden brown. My only modification would be to sprinkle the edges with sugar for a nice sweet crunch.