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Indian Lamb Burgers


Delicious way to use up leftover Indian take out? Indian burgers using the delicious sauces from your favorite Indian restaurant. For us, that's India Gate's tikka masala and raita. We doused our garam masala-coated lamb burgers in both of these sauces, and piled it on top of grilled Macrina buns with some sliced white onion. It was a delicious and slightly messy dinner, but the sauces, meats, and flavors combined excellently to give a juicy and succulent burger to bite into that kicked back at you with some powerful spice. Just try not to start any grease fires on your grill like we did! That's not the kind of heat you want from this dinner! Luckily everything cooked fine, and we didn't ruin these beauties.


This is Bonnie's begging face...