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Kalamata Olive Butter + Gnocchi

A couple of weekends ago, we hosted a gnocchi party with our Rice friends. A failed attempt at making smoothly textured gnocchi at a previous Italian-themed dinner party necessitated a redo. We now own a ricer, which makes the process of smashing the potatoes much easier and makes the final product more uniform.


We wanted a simple sauce, so you could really focus on the texture of the gnocchi. Butter is always good on pasta, so we decided to add on of our favorite flavors to the butter— Kalamata olives— reminiscent of something Dustin ordered on another type of pasta at a restaurant.

We took a high quality, European-style butter (higher level of milk fat), let it soften, and then processed it with some Kalamata olives and garlic before adding it to the top of the freshly made gnocchi.


We didn't have time to snap a picture of the finished product, but let's just say this time we had smooth, rather than chunky gnocchi!