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Pretzel Brats

It seems many of our favorite restaurants in SoCal (that we've found so far) are located in Venice. One such restaurant is Wurstkuche, a German beer and sausage joint with a fun, Seattle-esque vibe.  They've got amazing classic brats and all sorts of exotic sausages (like rabbit and rattlesnake) as well as addictive fries. It's one of the few restaurants we've returned to several times in a short period of time.


Dustin brought up making pretzel dogs for dinner one evening a few weeks ago, which sounded like a lot of work for just the two of us. However, I concluded it would be a great Super Bowl day food since we were hosting a little party. The idea was cemented when I suggested we swap out hot dogs for bratwursts from Wurstkuche. The recipe for the dough only makes enough for 6-7 Pretzel Brats since the bratwursts are quite a bit thicker than your average hot dog.


We were a little worried before we pulled these out of the oven because when we dropped them in the boiling baking soda water, the dough wasn't staying on as well as we would have liked, but in the end, we were very pleased with the final result. Click here for the link to the pretzel dough recipe we used!