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Homemade Pasta + Tomato Sauce with Parmesan Rind

Boy was this a delicious meal. We stopped by our local cheese shop, and on a whim bought some fresh burrata. When we tried to decide what we would actually eat the burrata with, all we could settle on was some kind of awesome pasta. I set my sights on making a damn good tomato sauce and great homemade linguine. It came out great!


The pasta sauce was your traditional sauce with one exciting twist. Onions and garlic sautéed with oil and butter, followed by San Marzano tomatoes, tomato paste, and fresh basil. Low cook for awhile, and it's delicious. But before you step away to let that sauce cook, throw in a parmesan rind. You won't be disappointed!

We debated adding a little cream to the pasta at the end to take it to that beautiful orange color, but knowing we would be topping our pasta with a large helping of burrata, we kept our sauce simple, and let the burrata cream it up.