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Fruity Pebbles Funfetti Cake


I never intended for my mini s'mores pies to be my last blog post for almost a year.  But suddenly, I felt burnt out.  Not necessarily from baking in general (although grad school started consuming more of my life and made me want to veg in front of the TV instead doing anything else), but rather from the constant planning and writing that also accompanied the baking.  Baking didn't feel fun anymore, so I quit documenting it and mostly stuck to making a few basic recipes instead of experimenting in the kitchen.  I've wanted to start again for awhile, but after blogging almost every day for multiple years, anything less than that frantic pace seemed a failure to me.


But my desire to be more creative in the kitchen is creeping its way back.  My summer goal is to try to bake something new once a week.  I know I'll probably fail to achieve this goal at times, but failing occasionally is better than completely giving up.  So here you have a perfect Funfetti birthday cake with all of the little colorful bits provided by Fruity Pebbles cereal.  I didn't make Dustin a cake for his birthday last year due to my hectic schedule at the time, so I promised him something spectacular for his half-birthday in May.


I hadn't made a layer cake in quite awhile, so this was quite the endeavor.  I added Fruity Pebbles to a basic white cake recipe, covered the cake in vanilla buttercream, and added more Fruity Pebbles to the side for some color.  We ate leftover cake for days!