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Red Velvet Whoopie Pie FAIL

I've gotten pretty lucky since I started baking regularly that I haven't had too many failures, much less compete failures in the kitchen. That all changed on Valentine's Day when I attempted to make red velvet whoopie pies. I'd been looking forward to making these ever since Dustin bought me a whoopie pie pan for Christmas, and since red velvet is perfect for Valentine's Day I've been patiently waiting the last two months.

Despite using an entire bottle of red food coloring, the batter was still much more brown than red. That should have been my first warning that this adventure in the kitchen would not turn out as planned.

Unfortunately, my kitchen disaster came at a bad time— when I am trying to make my baked treats as part of a Valentine's Day gift. These were a disaster. Maybe I filled the pan too high, but I could not get these to bake all the way through. In the end, I cooked them twice as long as the recipe I used called for, and parts of them were dry and parts of them were not even cooked at all.

They looked alright in the pan. But when I tried to remove them, the pies crumbled and most of them completely fell apart. It made me want to just binge on the batter to make myself feel better. I ended up giving up and dumping the rest of the batter down the drain, and there was no way I was wasting time or ingredients making the cream cheese frosting to salvage these pies.

A few did bake normally and survive the removal process, so I did end up with some red velvet cookies, but it just wasn't the same as what I was hoping for.

In the end we put some peppermint gelato in between the cookies, so we had some pretty tasty red velvet and peppermint ice cream sandwich. In the end maybe it wasn't as much of a failure as I thought, just something different from what I was expecting. I think ice cream can make anything better.