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Chicken Pot Pie Muffins

I know it hasn't been that long since I've made chicken pot pies, and I've made a vow to not repeat recipes. But I promise this is not a repeat. These chicken pot pie muffins (the original post refers to them as cupcakes, but that sounds too dessert-y to me) are quite different. They looked so darn adorable in the pictures, I had to make them even though Dustin isn't a huge chicken pot pie fan, and they were recently on our menu. Come on, individual pot pies cooked in a cupcake pan was too hard to resist. And Dustin did like them!

On one of our few beautiful Seattle days, Dustin and I met some of his coworkers to play doubles tennis. We lost after a ridiculously long tiebreaker set. Every time one duo was about to win, the other team came back, but it was a ton of fun. I made these muffins that day during the afternoon, played tennis, came home, and reheated them, so they were the perfect dinner to eat after a workout without having to do any cooking when you are tired and want instant food gratification.

We had a fabulous time getting outdoors and moving around on the tennis court. The dreariness of this winter has definitely made us realize the need to appreciate the beautiful weather we are going to get this summer. We are going to get out there and play lots of tennis, take Bonnie on lots of long walks to the park, and of course picnic and hike in the beautiful mountains that surround us!