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Cake Batter Ice Cream

I have grown to appreciate the finer desserts in life, but when it comes to ice cream, I still like my nostalgic, childhood favorites the best. Cake batter, chocolate chip cookie dough, and ice creams based on other desserts are the best. Even better is when two dessert flavors are combined together. Trust me I thought about making some eggless cookie dough (the topping to the amazing cookie dough brownies) to add to the top, but then decided I'd save myself an extra trip to the gym. This ice cream is so rich, you really don't need anything extra (other than lots and lots of sprinkles mixed in and on top— duh). And it is so, so, so creamy! I chose this recipe from The Endless Meal because it had the interesting ingredients of cornstarch and cream cheese while using no egg yolks.

As the ice cream maker was churning away, this was screaming "eat me!"

I've heard it before, and I think I agree. There is nothing better than fresh homemade ice cream! I know it's tempting to eat right away, but letting the custard sit overnight before you blend and then letting it sit in the freezer for a bit before consumption is worth the wait for the flavors to blend together and the perfect ice cream texture to form. As you can see from our slightly melty texture, the first time we ate this, we didn't possess that sort of patience!

I even tried making homemade waffle cones, but most recipes I found called for heavy cream, which I had no more of after making the ice cream. I finally found a recipe for which I had all of the ingredients, and it turned into a huge fail. The cones were nowhere near thin enough. I'm not sure if it was my tools— I tried both the waffle maker and the panini press, as I'd seen successes online with both— or my recipe, but next time I'm going to try the heavy cream based recipe.