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Gingersnap Salmon + Green Bean Casserole

It's official. I do not like green bean casserole. Until recently the only kind I'd ever had eaten used cream of mushroom soup and processed ingredients, so I thought maybe I just didn't like that version. I followed Alton Brown's recipe for the Best Ever Green Bean Casserole, with the topping slightly modified because the comments section indicated  thatthe original recipe didn't give great results. It tasted pretty much as I expected it to, and I definitely didn't like it. Dustin said it was good green bean casserole, so I'll take his word for it. I think I'd rather just eat plain green beans cooked in olive oil and garlic.


Awhile back I promised not to serve Dustin gingerbread for dinner, but I didn't promise not to serve gingersnaps for dinner! Sneaky!

I added equal parts crushed gingersnaps to Panko breadcrumbs and coated thin salmon fillets with flour, egg, and this mixture. Then I baked them in the oven at 400° for 12 minutes. Our salmon ended up the slightest bit dry, so we'd have been better off cooking them for 10 minutes, but that's entirely dependent on the thickness of your filets. Poor Dustin became a sushi chef since I bought skin-on salmon, so our filets ended up a bit butchered. Being a sushi master is hard!


Even though our execution of this dish wasn't perfect, we both really like the flavor combination of the sweet and spicy gingersnaps with the salmon.