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Sweet Potato & Chorizo Hash

Dustin and I have very different opinions on sweet potatoes. I love the sweet starch, and consuming something orange makes me feel a little bit better about myself and my vegetable eating habits. For Dustin, I know that sweet potatoes are just a sad excuse imitating a regular potato. The other night while on a cold evening walk, we had a lengthy discussion over whether restaurants should call "sweet potato fries," fries at all, because in his opinion, using that word with anything except regular potatoes sets you up for disappointment. I don't necessarily agree. I quite like the taste and texture of a good sweet potato fry, but I relented to appease folks like Dustin so "sweet potato fries" shall be renamed "sweet potato sticks" (at least in this household) to reduce potential dinner letdowns.


This post is not about fries, however. It's about sweet potato hash. We basically did the same thing we did last time we made a hash, except we replaced the corned beef with spicy chorizo, and regular potatoes with sweet potatoes, plus we added some garlic. The spiciness of the chorizo complements the sweet potato, so you get a nice balance of the two flavors. Topped with a runny egg, this brunch meal gets even better. As much as Dustin disregards the sweet potato, I think he would agree that for the dish, it was the right choice to pair with the chorizo