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Scallops and Scrambled Eggs

Watching this past season of Top Chef, we were intrigued by Josh Valentine's scrambled scallops dish. It seemed kind of weird, but got us talking about the texture of scallops (fully intact) and how they would go really well with scrambled eggs. So we didn't set out to recreate his dish, but it served as an inspirational jumping off point for us.

This dish really doesn't require a recipe. First we cooked up some bacon on the skillet for which we planned to crumble on top of the eggs and scallops. Dustin has managed to discover the secrets of perfect crispy bacon— place thick cut bacon on an unheated cast iron skillet, bring to medium heat, flip once after browned, take off after second side is browned, and then take it off and let it rest to crisp up.


Then we quickly cooked up some bay scallops in the bacon fat (everything tastes better cooked in bacon fat) and scrambled a few eggs in a separate pan. Then we piled everything on our plates.

Basically this was just a giant plate of delicious protein that kept me full for hours!