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Tater Tots

The closest I ever thought I'd get to eating tater tots at home was glancing down the frozen foods aisle and hoping Erin would say "Go for it babe. Get your frozen tater tots today!" I know that day is never going to come. Being realistic and in deep desire for my tots, I decided to make them from scratch. In the end they require about the same prep as fries and only one frying instead of two. Since the potatoes are just going through the food processor, your knife cuts can be large and quick unlike fries where they need to be precise and consistent.


The recipe over at YumSugar served us wonders, and we followed it almost exactly. After coming out of the fryer, these tots are delicious, pretty, crunchy, and delicately soft in the center. They blow almost all fast food and restaurant tots out of the water, which was untrue of our fries. I now expect this level of preparation on my tots, and I will probably be disappointed every time, but I'll hold out hope and be sure to rave about the first place I find that makes even better tots than our kitchen!


We served them up with ketchup and a fantastic ranch + truffle oil dipping sauce and Bourbon Gorgonzola Burgers.