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{Leftover} Salmon Melt Sandwich

Happy Labor Day! We're slowly, but surely getting settled into our new place in Los Angeles. However now it is time to reminisce about our time in Seattle again...

I previously referenced that we hosted a big party with our Seattle friends before we left. We kept calling it a fish bake (thinking along the lines of a New England clambake), but it was really a fish grill. That just didn't have the same ring to it, so it will be known as a fish bake. I think we might have coined a new term.


We went to Pike's Place the morning of the bash, and we bought a ginormous 12-pound King Salmon. It wasn't cheap, but it was a beautiful piece of fish, and buying and cooking a whole super fresh fish was something we wanted to be able to say we did before we left Seattle. And yes, we went to the World Famous Fish Market, where they threw our fish! It was a Saturday morning in August, so Pike's Place was swarming with tourists, so we were happy to oblige to give them a good flying fish show. The guys at the market filleted the fish for us, and then we simply grilled it on our apartment's (big) rooftop grills with a little bit of salt and pepper.


We grilled up some corn alongside the fish, I made dessert, and we started trying to make it through our alcohol collection. We partied well into the evening and had a great last hurrah with our friends. We'll definitely miss all of the people we've grown close to here, but hopefully we'll make some great new friends in Los Angeles.

We had quite a bit of leftover salmon, so we pulled out the mayonnaise and made salmon salad. This time around we fancied up our salmon salad with truffle oil, basil, and hard boiled eggs. We served the salmon salad on top of some whole wheat bread toasted with melted cheese for our own version of a salmon melt sandwich for lunch the next couple of days.