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Red Wine Chorizo & Crockpot Spanish Rice- FAIL

We were literally talking the other night about cooking and about the fact that we have been really successful in the kitchen. We were trying to think of an instance where we made something that really just didn't work, and we couldn't recall anything. I would say less than a week later, this dish came along.

The flavors of the dish definitely have potential, but our execution was where we went wrong. We won't share the recipe, but this could definitely serve as inspiration for another dinner if done correctly.


Originally the plan was to poach LINKS of chorizo sausage in red wine. Well the chorizo we got was not in link form even though it looked like it. Instead it was just wrapped in plastic. Having the wrong meat was mistake number 1. We still tried cooking it in a pot of wine (which might have been mistake number 2). It completely broke down cooking in the wine, which we expected, but it absorbed way more of the wine than we expected since it cooked super quickly and then sat in the wine too long while Dustin chatted with his high school friends. Also, we used a cheap wine, and since the pieces of chorizo were so small, they absorbed all of the flavor and it made you feel as though you were eating meaty chunks of wine. Not pleasant.

The rice came out ok. Not great, but definitely alright (Dustin ate a bunch of it with Frank's hot sauce). The texture was just not right, but I think that comes from making rice in the crockpot (see this crockpot risotto). The biggest problem I had with this recipe was that it said to cook 6-8 hours, but it was definitely cooked after 4, maybe even 3. Thus our rice was ready way to early in the afternoon, and even though it was on warm, I think too much moisture cooked out.

I would say after 2 years of cooking, this one little failure isn't too bad, and really the flavors definitely have potential!