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Potato Galette

While I'm obsessed with delicious things like pancakes for breakfast, Dustin loves his potatoes. I thought making this potato galette from Cook's Illustrated would be the perfect brunch for his birthday weekend. Long story short, as what seems to be happening more and more lately, the galette making got pushed off a couple of weeks. But the important things is, it did get made...eventually.


We didn't have pie weights or beans as is instructed in the recipe to weigh down the galette, so we just stacked a bunch of heavy cake pans on top of each other. It turns out they weren't heavy enough, we didn't slice the potato thinly enough, or perhaps we should have cooked the galette on the stovetop a little longer, but whatever the cause, we ended up a with pile of potatoes that mostly didn't stick together when we tried inverting the pan of our beautiful galette. Oh well, live and learn.

The parts that did stick together and got all nice and crispy were absolutely amazing. Completely perfect. The rest was still a pile of tender, buttery potatoes, so we weren't complaining. Definitely a recipe worth trying again with a few of the tweaks listed above.

Best of luck getting your potatoes to stick together!