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LA Cookie Challenge: Milk vs. Cookie Casa

Last weekend Dustin and I pretty much had the perfect date day, as briefly discussed here. These are the chocolate chip cookies we sampled along the way.


First up was Milk, a really cute shop in the Mid-City West area. They have a huge selection of desserts including ice cream, macaron ice cream sandwiches, and supposedly a fantastic blue velvet cake. We stuck with a single chocolate chip cookies instead of trying to cram all of their desserts into one trip! As for the cookie itself, it was relatively small with milk chocolate, and had a slightly too-cakey texture to be a perfect chocolate chip cookie (at least in my book).


Next was Cookie Casa, a tiny shop just down the road from Milk that seems to focus on bigger cookie orders by the dozen, but they keep a case full of cookies in their storefront. The chocolate chip cookies were fresh from the oven, so we ate it straight then and there at one of their outdoor tables. Dustin said that might give this cookie an unfair advantage, but that's the nature of the game, I suppose. These cookies were perfectly plain, and reminded me of the cookies you'd make from a roll of refrigerated dough (not that that's a bad thing though).

The Verdict

In the end Dustin and I both chose Cookie Casa over Milk (although I still really want to try the other treats from there), but I don't think this cookie would be able to advance beyond this round in the brackets (by the way we timed this challenge perfectly to coincide with March Madness!). Ultimately though, we've been a little disappointed with the "Eastern" half of our bracket. The cookies from the Westside have been representing! Only two more rounds to go!