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Home Cured Gravlax

Lox "made" at home is something Dustin and I probably never in a million years would have imagined we would eat, but in the same vein, we never thought we would make homemade bagels either. Now we must attempt to combine the two, and make fresh cream cheese...

We started out with a beautiful filet of fresh Copper River salmon after we stocked up from Whole Foods' big one day sale and followed this simple recipe with instructions on how to cure the salmon. It's really all about having fresh, high quality salmon to get the flavor you want.

It seems really fancy to have homemade lox, but really all we did was wrap the salmon filet tightly in plastic wrap with salt, sugar, spices and a little bit of gin, and let time do the rest.

We ground all of the spices in a coffee grinder instead of a food processor, since ours is currently broken. That turned out really well since our food processor would have been much too big to effectively chop that small amount of seeds.

The hardest part was waiting, but washing off all of the dill to reveal our beautiful gravlax was quite satisfying.

Even though we really didn't do much work, we felt pretty proud of ourselves when we tasted our breakfast.