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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pretzel Sandwiches

This might be too simple to be called a recipe, but it's pretty much the perfect dessert— sweet, brown buttered cookie dough sandwiched between two salty pretzels. covered in white chocolate and dipped in sprinkles. Sweet and salty are the perfect (and dangerous) combination. Just as it is hard to eat a single pretzel, it's hard to eat just a single one of these bad boys.

First take an eggless cookie dough recipe, let it harden in the fridge for about 30 minutes or it will be really hard to work with. Using a spoon, scoop some cookie dough on top of a small pretzel, then push another pretzel on top to make a cookie dough-pretzel sandwich. Put your mini dessert sandwiches back in the fridge, so the cookie dough re-hardens a bit and doesn't completely ooze out of the pretzel holes.

See all of the pretzels? Each and every single one of them was consumed by me, Dustin or our neighbors. And our neighbors only ate a couple each. They simultaneously love and hate me for bringing this sort of thing to them all of the time.

While the cookie dough is hardening, melt white chocolate, dark chocolate, or candy melts...your choice.

Dip as much of the pretzel sandwich as you can into the chocolate. Immediately roll in sprinkles and set on wax paper to harden. Since I made these awhile back, I used standard multicolored sprinkles, but I could definitely see using only red and green sprinkles, or even christmas tree shaped ones (seen here on some gingerbread I made last Christmas) for an easy and festive Christmas party dessert. You can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookie dough!