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Hello! My name is Erin. I am a twenty-something PhD student (not quite a candidate yet as it says to the left, but working hard on it) in cognitive psychology at UCLA obsessed with making and eating good food.


After graduating from Rice University, I left my comfort zone of Texas and moved out to Seattle with my now husband, Dustin (who occasionally writes posts, takes most of the photos, and does my editing... plus he designed the whole blog). I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life in the long term. While in the process of self-discovery, I found that I really enjoyed learning how to cook, and even more so, how to bake.


I became obsessed looking through cookbooks and browsing Foodgawker to find exciting new recipes and inspiration to develop my own. Thus, we started Wafoodie (Washington + foodie) together. This blog and making all of the food seen on it, became my pet project while Dustin was at work. I simply thought a food blog would be a great way to visually index all of the recipes we’ve found and created and a way to give the DSLR camera we bought a little more use. It’s also proof of some of the really cool recipes I’ve been able to tackle that I never dreamed doable in my home kitchen! I’m definitely a lot braver now than I was when this started, which I sort of view as a metaphor for my confidence in general.


Now we are living in Los Angeles (as of August 2013), and I am working on my PhD, so I don’t have as much time to devote to cooking and baking as I once did. But I still enjoy chronicling all of our adventures in the kitchen, and I know baking will have great stress relieving benefits (and make me popular with my peers)!


My favorite things in this world other than cooking, baking, and eating (of course) are hanging out and exploring new places with Dustin and our adorable, adopted Border Collie mixes named Bonnie and Bella (you’ll see lots of pictures of the two of them on here in addition to the food), watching Houston Texans football, Los Angeles Kings hockey, traveling, watching HBO original content obsessively, and exercising. Dustin and I have become much more health conscious in recent years (as our dessert consumption has increased). I ran my first half marathon, the Tinkerbell Half Marathon through DisneyLand in January 2014! Big accomplishment for me!



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