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LA Cookie Challenge: The Final Bracket Rundown

With March Madness coming to an end this past week (and brackets being busted), it's only fitting that our Cookie Challenge comes to conclusion this week. Surprisingly enough, Dustin and I didn't disagree very much throughout the weekly face-offs, which is interesting given our different cookie preferences (thick and soft versus thin and crispy). I guess you can't argue with quality.

And without further ado.


Overall we felt the cookies in the West (of 405) half of the bracket were better; however, we both chose DeLuscious (by the far the standout of the East) as the  ultimate champion, and our favorite chocolate chip cookie in Los Angeles. DeLuscious was definitely not the best bargain of the bunch, but you could really taste the high quality ingredients they use (including three different types of chocolates!). Dustin came to the DeLuscious decision quite easily. I debated a bit more, as I really enjoyed everything about the M Street cookie. Either way I couldn't go wrong with my choice, but DeLuscious prevailed in the end.

Here are the weekly rundowns for more information on each cookie in case you want all of the details...

Week 1: Huckleberry vs. Gjelina Week 2: M Street Kitchen vs. Milo and Olive Week 3: Tavern vs. Farmshop Week 4: Milk Jar Cookies vs. The Sycamore Kitchen Week 5: Joan's on Third vs. Proof Bakery Week 6: Milk vs. Cookie Casa Week 7: Clementine vs. DeLuscious Week 8: Thyme Cafe vs. Cookie Good

Ice cream and cupcake face-offs coming (soon-ish)!